Football fans are gearing up for the season kickoff on September 5th. There is always a lot to look forward to at the beginning of football season. Of course, we never really know what’s going to happen in any given year, but here are some things we are all hoping to see this season as Eagles’ fans.

  1. Carson Wentz should a have a good year

Carson Wentz has been looking good in training camp. We can only hope that he remains healthy this season. One thing is for sure, he has more help on the field than he’s had in past seasons. DeSean Jackson is a deep threat that Wentz has been lacking, plus there’s the addition of Andre Dillard, Jordan Howard, and Miles Sanders that should help.

  1. The defense should be better

There’s plenty of reasons to believe that the Eagles’ defense will perform much better this year than they did last year. The team added Vinny Curry and Malik Jackson to their already deep defensive line. It will be interesting to see how these new additions improve the overall defense, but some are predicting a Top 5 performance this season.

  1. The Eagles should win the NFC East

We can only hope, but there’s good reason to believe that the Eagles will take the NFC East this year. Their biggest threat is still the Dallas Cowboys who inched past the Eagles to take the title last year. The Eagles made many more advances than the Cowboys in the offseason, however, so why not believe that this year is OUR year? 

We can make predictions all day, but only time will tell! One thing is for sure, though– it’s going to be a fun year!