Not striking out is one of the more difficult things to master in baseball. Luckily, consistent training can help anyone to hit better. The key is to move the head, feet, and hands properly and in harmony. Use these tips to avoid strikeouts and to become a better hitter.

Some people lean into the plate and get hit by pitches more than average, and others stand too far away and miss hitting easy ones. To evaluate the right position, stand in the box and reach towards the opposite side with the bat. If you can touch the opposite end of the plate, that’s the correct position.

The feet build the foundation of good hitting. That’s because they give balance while the hitter swings the bat. Hitters need to know how to achieve good load and stride. The load starts when he transfers all of his weight to the back foot. It ends when the back shoulder and back knee align.

This controlled movement should take place slowly. The stride simply involves maneuvering the front foot towards the pitcher, in line with the back foot. This stance should feel comfortable and balanced.

Once balanced, move the hands into the direction of the ball. However, don’t immediately push the hands or extend the arms. When the hands stay back at the beginning of a swing, the core and legs have time to generate energy. Just before contact with the baseball, make sure the bat speed is at its highest.

This is called hitting through the ball and creates a better technique. The goal is to aim the ball into the outfield. When the baseball is on the outside of the plate, try to bat it into the opposite field. When it’s on the inside, pull the ball.

While actually swinging, shoulders should rotate and make it seem like the chin is moving. However, the head should not actually move. That sounds difficult, but hitting becomes more productive when the head moves less.

Every batter eventually finds a favorite pitch that he likes to hit. Telling balls from strikes comes with experience, and each pitcher throws differently. However, umpires don’t always get it right and sometimes don’t call them correctly. That’s why having a good hitting regime is important.