This season for the Eagles has been a far cry from just last year taking home the Lombardi Trophy. Many critics have joked that the “Super Bowl Hangover Curse” is the issue the Eagles are facing this season. The “curse” says that the winners of a Super Bowl go on in the next season to come nowhere near the playoffs. The Eagles brought themselves back into the playoff race conversation after they beat the Redskins 28-13 and move on to face the Cowboys in Dallas who are currently one game ahead of the Eagles in first place.

If you ask coach Doug Pederson his thoughts on the subject are that “We’re not there yet, but we’re getting close”. This was after the win on Monday, which is the team’s first back to back wins this season. They put up their best numbers this season against Washington, who put up their season-worst numbers (behind a third string Quarterback). This is something to be proud of, but for many players and coaches alike, they believe the road ahead still needs a lot of work.

While the road to the playoffs has multiple options, with the wild card spot still easily up for grabs, the Eagles think next game against the Cowboys as the division leader is a make or break game for them. As Malcolm Jenkins said, “we don’t take care of business this week, it’s all for naught.” The rest of the season is no easy cake walk either, with having the red-hot Rams and the Texans (Who are currently on a nine-game winning streak) as two of the remaining 3 games after the Cowboys. The Eagles are going to need to strap up and work hard for the rest of this season to get to the point they were in last season.

Travis Kelce said that the multiple injuries this season hasn’t helped, but injuries were no excuse for the lack of domination. Carson Wentz was out most of the offseason rehabbing two ligament tears in this knee last season. Many of the defense has been plagued with injuries as well, which hasn’t helped in the current season. Like Kelce said, injuries are no excuse, but it’s hard to not blame the team dropping left and right throughout the season.

If you ask the players, the road ahead is tough, but they are starting to pick up steam after these past two wins. The playoff spot isn’t guaranteed at this point, but still in reach and the first step to claiming it lies in Dallas.