Carson Wentz has had an NFL journey with some major ups and downs, which might reach new heights. During his sophomore year, he was in the running for MVP. Most importantly, Wentz led the Eagles to victory for a league-best 11-2 record before he suffering a knee injury that ended his season. There is now talk of extending his contract, but here’s why this should wait:


While Wentz can’t be called “injury-prone” just yet, it’s still important to consider all of his past injuries. So far these injuries have just been due to bad passes, bad snaps, and just overall bad luck, but they can’t be ignored. If Wentz wants to have a successful and consistent career, he will need to stop taking on too much of the offense. His mediocre running game the past season could be a factor to his durability and whether or not extending his contract is a good idea.

Season Experience

In Wentz’s four year career with the NFL, he hasn’t to play a full season since 2016. While his career is still young, not having played a full season in the past three years is a bit of a red flag. He’s proven that he can prevail with the right roster to support him, but he hasn’t given the league anything to work with during the postseason. It is clear that he is a new player with a lot of potential, but to truly know if a player is worth the investment of extending a contract, it’s imperative to see how they carry themselves over into the postseason.

Current Gossip

With any professional player in any league, there will always be locker room talk. Wentz is no exception to the gossip. Just a few months ago there was talk about issues related to morale happening in the locker room. Wentz’s name was thrown into the debacle, bringing up a lot of questions. Although Eagles’ officials have confirmed these to be simple rumors, many people still wonder if there is any truth to them. Any rift between a player and his team can only be damaging to a season and a career.

Time to Wait

Extending Wentz’s contract now would be too early. The best thing to do is to wait out the contract he has now. With a year left in his contract, this is the time to see if Wents will be worth the investment. When accounting for the number of injuries he has sustained over his career along with never having completed a full season and locker room talk, there is much to consider before offering an extension on his contract.