Football season may be over, but there is still hot news in the mix for the Eagles. Although they did not make it to the Super Bowl this year, they have plans to earn their spot for the net one. It all comes down to how their offseason goes and what it has in store for the team, Take a look at these offseason predictions for the Eagles. 

No Big Trades

Although there are a lot of rumors out there regarding the Detroit cornerback Darius Slay switching teams, this elite player isn’t likely to find his way into an Eagles jersey. Over the past two years, the Eagles have only had 10 draft picks. Because Carson Wentz was a big-money deal, there is less money available to be allocated to other positions. This means no big trades and we should expect Roseman to find cheap and new but talented players on this roster.

Trading Up to Draft a Wide Reciever

Although there may not be huge trades, that isn’t to say there won’t be a trade up. Roseman is known trading up in the first round to go get a player they favor most. If they are planning of trading up, they’ll more than likely be trading up to draft a wide receiver. Players like Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy or his teammate, Henry Ruggs III, might need to jump up a spot or two. The Eagles could have a couple of solid corners to take in that spot, making a wide receiver position open.

Signing CB Byron Jones

The Eagles will need to draft a back-up as a cornerback for the start of the season. This player will more than likely be  Dallas’ cornerback Byron Jones if they spend a lot in free agency on a player this year.