Looking for something unique and adventurous to do around the Reading, PA area? The Historic Crystal Cave is a fantastic choice for the whole family. From cave tours to ice cream parlors, this site has something to offer even the pickiest of travelers. 

History Behind the Caves

Accidentally discovered in 1871 while two men were blasting for limestone, the cave turned out to be a spectacular find. Curiosity led the men inside where they discovered stalactites and stalagmites formed over time as well as other unique cave formations. 

Beginning in 1872, the cave was open for exploration and guide books were printed the following year to entice more people to visit. As the years passed, stagecoach transportation was offered and an inn was built to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. 

Since its discovery, the owners of Crystal Cave, Inc have worked ceaselessly to improve the offerings of the cave and have even hosted weddings and baptisms within the cave. Today the wooden entrance has been replaced with a stone entrance and many other buildings have been added to the site to expand upon its rich history and to encourage visitors to return year after year. 

Attractions and Events

With over 150 scenic acres, there’s lots of fun and excitement for everyone. Guided tours are available to teach visitors about the history and geology of the caves and visitors can venture 125 feet underground to view the sights. If going underground isn’t your idea of a good time, you can learn just as much from the Crystal Cave Theater. 

Shopping abounds at this site as well. From the historic inn gift shop featuring souvenirs to the rock and mineral shop featuring gemstones, rocks, and minerals all found nearby, there are plenty of items that make fantastic gifts or souvenirs to remember your trip. You can even pan for your own gems!

Once you’re done exploring and shopping, the grounds also have a restaurant and ice cream parlor to satiate your hunger. If you’re ready for more fun, the miniature golf course, hiking trail, and museum are all open to the public!