Coming off of an overtime loss to the Cowboys and division rivals, the Eagles are still hopeful for that pesky wild card spot. Their chances improved after Monday night’s game when the Seahawks beat the Vikings 21-7. The race is still red hot with multiple ways the Eagles can make the spot happen. The first roadblock in that road is the 11-2 Rams, who came off of an embarrassing loss to the rock-solid Chicago Bears defense. The Eagles would need to win at least two of their final three games this season, which also include Houston next week and the Washington Redskins the final week. The case still stands, however, that the Rams are a must win in LA. This is no easy road to walk, and the Eagles will need to put up a few performances that are no less than spectacular.

It was only last year that the Eagles took on the Rams in LA, a game that ended QB Carson Wentz’s season with an ACL injury. The Eagles still came out on top with Nick Foles stepping up to seal the rest of the season in Super Bowl History, but the Eagles are still not looking like that same team that burned the Rams last season.

The Rams are currently sitting as winners of the NFC West and are looking to advance their quest for the number one spot in the NFC with a bounce-back win against the Eagles. This game is critical for the Eagles to win as a loss here would seal the fate of a Super Bowl hangover and eliminating them from playoff contention.

The main issue for the Eagles has been a slew of injuries plaguing their team, even adding RB Corey Clement to the injured reserve list, who has been the replacement for RB Jay Ajayi after an injury earlier this season. The list is seemingly growing larger and larger every week the Eagles play and have been a detriment to the cause. The Eagles are going to have to put up a hard fight on Sunday night to even keep the wild card spot within reach and Jared Goff and the Rams won’t go quietly into the night.