When the Eagles lost to the Cowboys on October 20th, Eagles fans all over were afraid this was the end for the Eagles this season. After two losses and some locker room discord, the Eagles have had a rough start.

Although this past Sunday was a bye week for the Eagles, they still ended up winning. The Dallas Cowboys played the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night and lost. This lost means that the Eagles are tied with Dallas for the NFC East lead.

As of right now, the Eagles still have four divisional games ahead of them while the Cowboys only have two games left. One of those games will be a face-off between the Eagles and the Cowboys. This matchup may decide which team will make the postseason.

The Eagles may be the team that claims the NFC East Crown based on a simple reason—scheduling.

Both of the teams are currently 5-4 after playing nine games. What comes next for these two teams, in regards to scheduling is widely different.

The next two games the Eagles will play are against the Patriots (8-1) and Seahawks (7-2). Admittingly, these games will be challenging matchup, but the Eagles have an upper hand since they will be playing at Lincoln Financial Field. After these two games the Eagles will play the Dolphins (2-7), Giants (2-8), Redskins (1-8), and the Cowboys and Giants again in Week 17.

It’s projected that Eagles will come out on top and win at least four of the games.

Compared to the Eagles, the Cowboy’s schedule is no walk in the park. Dallas will be up against the Lions (3-5-1), Patriots (8-1), Bills (6-3), Bears (4-5), Rams (5-4), and in week 17, the Eagles and Redskins (1-8).

If the Eagles can mange to win four games, and beat the Cowboys, Seahawks and/or Patriots, they will have 10 wins which will allow them to make it past postseason. The next couple of games will be a crucial turning point for the Eagles, and we can’t wait to see what happens!