When William Penn first set up the colony of Pennsylvania, chances are that he had very little idea just how much his new state would become well-known for hauntings. Here is a list of some of the most “spooktacular” sights in the state right now.

Lulu’s House of Horrors (Plymouth Meeting)

The organizers of this screamfest are forthright about the fact that children should probably not come. In fact, kids under the age of 12 are prohibited from joining this journey, which includes a trip through a corn maze, a walk through a cemetery, a haunted wagon ride and the actual House of Horrors, which boasts a reputation that precedes it.

Haunted Hills Estate (Uniontown)

With three different, heart-pounding attractions on this estate, visitors are guaranteed that they will find the perfect one to suit their haunted specifications. Talented actors and sensational special effects make this an experience unlike any other. Boasting free parking and great snacks for guests to munch on in between screams, this has always been a popular excursion.

Fear Hollow (Mountain Top)

For those who appreciate great makeup effects, this is a must-see stop. Open for almost the entire month of October, it’s the perfect retreat for some pre-Halloween frights.

Sleepy Hollow Hayride and House (Newtown)

For those who are fans of the infamous Sleepy Hollow story, this experience is not to be missed. Featuring a fearsome hayride and a haunted house, as well as a cemetery and gory greenhouse, this attraction offers up something for all varieties of horror fans.

Pennhurst Asylum (Spring City)

This is quite an elaborate set-up, which is why it seems to impress even people who are experienced haunted house enthusiasts. The spirits of deceased inmates are rumored to haunt these halls, which is why it is so terrifying to walk through the dark rooms. A dungeon offers up all kinds of ghoulish and macabre sights, while tunnels and ghost hunts round out the experience.

Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia)

There is a reason why this building has been featured on so many television shows that profile the paranormal; many believe that it is truly haunted by the dark, twisted souls of inmates past. With a whopping six attractions, this journey is not intended for those who are faint of heart.