If you live in Reading, Pennsylvania, you likely know that there are plenty of different activities in and around the city. There are museums, nature trails, great places to eat. If you’re willing to drive a little outside of Reading, you’ll find various amusement parks for people of all ages to enjoy, all within an hour’s drive. Whether you have a family you want to take out for a day of fun or you’re just trying to enjoy a nice day with some friends, there’s always fun to be had at an amusement park!

Dutch Wonderland

Located about 40 minutes away in Lancaster, Dutch Wonderland is a great theme park focused primarily on children. The park originally opened back in 1963 and has since then been continuously recognized as one of the best amusement parks in Pennsylvania. Featuring over 35 rides and attractions, a water area known as Duke Lagoon, and plenty of live entertainment, Dutch Wonderland is the place for you and your family to go.

Dorney Park

If you head over to Allentown you’ll likely run into Dorney Park. Dorney Park was originally conceived back in the 1860s where it started as a simple summer resort located outside of Allentown. Over the years, the owner of the land grew the resort into something much more, filling it with attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. The park has changed considerably over the years, but there are countless activities to enjoy such as Wildwater Kingdom, the water park located right next to the main park. Dorney also has plenty of events happening everyday and over 75 rides and attractions overall.


If you’re looking for another great family amusement park, look no further than Knoebels. Located in Elysburg and originally opening in 1926, Knoebels is the largest free-admission amusement park in the United States. That’s right, it’s totally free to get into the park, unlike the others on this list. Instead, you pay for each individual ride. This means the park can be a great place for family and friends to enjoy a relaxing summer day and not have to worry about spending a large amount of money while doing it.