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Eagles Face The 11-2 Rams In The Race For The Wild Card

Eagles Face The 11-2 Rams In The Race For The Wild Card

Coming off of an overtime loss to the Cowboys and division rivals, the Eagles are still hopeful for that pesky wild card spot. Their chances improved after Monday night’s game when the Seahawks beat the Vikings 21-7. The race is still red hot with multiple ways the Eagles can make the spot happen. The first roadblock in that road is the 11-2 Rams, who came off of an embarrassing loss to the rock-solid Chicago Bears defense. The Eagles would need to win at least two of their final three games this season, which also include Houston next week and the Washington Redskins the final week. The case still stands, however, that the Rams are a must win in LA. This is no easy road to walk, and the Eagles will need to put up a few performances that are no less than spectacular.

It was only last year that the Eagles took on the Rams in LA, a game that ended QB Carson Wentz’s season with an ACL injury. The Eagles still came out on top with Nick Foles stepping up to seal the rest of the season in Super Bowl History, but the Eagles are still not looking like that same team that burned the Rams last season.

The Rams are currently sitting as winners of the NFC West and are looking to advance their quest for the number one spot in the NFC with a bounce-back win against the Eagles. This game is critical for the Eagles to win as a loss here would seal the fate of a Super Bowl hangover and eliminating them from playoff contention.

The main issue for the Eagles has been a slew of injuries plaguing their team, even adding RB Corey Clement to the injured reserve list, who has been the replacement for RB Jay Ajayi after an injury earlier this season. The list is seemingly growing larger and larger every week the Eagles play and have been a detriment to the cause. The Eagles are going to have to put up a hard fight on Sunday night to even keep the wild card spot within reach and Jared Goff and the Rams won’t go quietly into the night.

The Eagles Say They Aren’t In Super Bowl Form….For Now

The Eagles Say They Aren’t In Super Bowl Form….For Now

This season for the Eagles has been a far cry from just last year taking home the Lombardi Trophy. Many critics have joked that the “Super Bowl Hangover Curse” is the issue the Eagles are facing this season. The “curse” says that the winners of a Super Bowl go on in the next season to come nowhere near the playoffs. The Eagles brought themselves back into the playoff race conversation after they beat the Redskins 28-13 and move on to face the Cowboys in Dallas who are currently one game ahead of the Eagles in first place.

If you ask coach Doug Pederson his thoughts on the subject are that “We’re not there yet, but we’re getting close”. This was after the win on Monday, which is the team’s first back to back wins this season. They put up their best numbers this season against Washington, who put up their season-worst numbers (behind a third string Quarterback). This is something to be proud of, but for many players and coaches alike, they believe the road ahead still needs a lot of work.

While the road to the playoffs has multiple options, with the wild card spot still easily up for grabs, the Eagles think next game against the Cowboys as the division leader is a make or break game for them. As Malcolm Jenkins said, “we don’t take care of business this week, it’s all for naught.” The rest of the season is no easy cake walk either, with having the red-hot Rams and the Texans (Who are currently on a nine-game winning streak) as two of the remaining 3 games after the Cowboys. The Eagles are going to need to strap up and work hard for the rest of this season to get to the point they were in last season.

Travis Kelce said that the multiple injuries this season hasn’t helped, but injuries were no excuse for the lack of domination. Carson Wentz was out most of the offseason rehabbing two ligament tears in this knee last season. Many of the defense has been plagued with injuries as well, which hasn’t helped in the current season. Like Kelce said, injuries are no excuse, but it’s hard to not blame the team dropping left and right throughout the season.

If you ask the players, the road ahead is tough, but they are starting to pick up steam after these past two wins. The playoff spot isn’t guaranteed at this point, but still in reach and the first step to claiming it lies in Dallas.

Christmas On The Mountain: A Reading, PA Tradition

Christmas On The Mountain: A Reading, PA Tradition

The holiday tradition known as “Christmas on the Mountain” has just begun its 28th year running. Located at Hillside Playground on North 14th street in Reading, PA, the winter wonderland had set up shop again for a bigger than ever display. The display is free to enter, as compared to other holiday displays require a fee to enter. Tim Profit, General Manager of Savage 61 and leader of the efforts for the display, helped save the event in 2015 and has upped the game for the 2018 season.

There are now over 1 million lights, inflatables, and other Christmas decorations part of the tradition. There is also a light show based on classic and new holiday music for the whole family to enjoy. The display has a replica of Santa’s Workshop as well as a new “Frozen on the Mountain” portion of the display. These new additions will build upon the already present traditions that the “Christmas on the Mountain” hold dear to may locals hearts.

Tim Profit, a Reading High School 1999 graduate, said that there are some that may think that the new additions could be a little bit “over the top” but he said, “That’s just what we were going for”. He wanted to compete with other paid holiday displays around the area since they are one of the only free entry large displays in the area.

The display could not be what it is today without the volunteer help especially from the Reading High School Marine Corps JROTC, who provide help with setting up and maintaining the holiday tradition throughout the season. Savage 61 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is also a big contributor to the success of the event, as well as other local business, Axcess Industries. They provide essential funding and manpower to keep the “Christmas on the Mountain” a holiday event for locals to look forward to.

About Peter Bubel

He was born in Fort Carson, Colorado at the Army Base Hospital and attended Penn State University, earning a degree in finance before getting his first job in Allentown at Dun and Bradstreet. Peter then worked in Philadelphia before transferring to Reading, Pennsylvania, where he’s lived and worked for the past 25 years.

Because Peter Bubel has learned the ins and outs of his community over the past two and a half decades, he is able to provide the best real estate services for clients from all walks of life. Peter and his family own and run PANA Rentals, a property management company that provides a variety of student, residential, and commercial property management services. Peter currently owns and manages between 50 and 100 properties. He particularly likes to help Penn State Berks Campus students find off-campus housing.

Peter Bubel loves the “small town” feeling of Reading combined with its proximity to major cities, and he does housing work in this area as well. Peter is an advocate for local affordable housing and economic improvement, and he has served on numerous housing committees and coalitions. He works with nonprofit agencies that help first-time home buyers prosper in the area, and he also shares his knowledge through various media to empower young individuals to take control of their economic outlooks. Peter Bubel has a guest spot on Berks Community Television’s Local Issues Forum, where he discusses housing and banking strategies. He has also shared his strategies via finance and entrepreneurship lectures at Albright College and St. Joseph’s University.

Peter Bubel is also a firm believer in giving back to the community.

He participates in a number of local initiatives, including the Berks MINDCO (Minority Development Council) and Housing Advisory task force. He also presents seminars in the Berks County Chamber of Commerce and works within various budgeting and stewardship committees at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in West Lawn, Pennsylvania.

As a Penn State alumnus himself, Peter Bubel remains involved with the college and loves to attend PSU football games. His older daughter currently attends Penn State and is active in campus volunteering and fundraising efforts. She shares that philanthropic spirit with her father; Peter is the past president and vice president of Reading-Berks Habitat for Humanity, Inc. Under his guidance the affiliate was able to complete the construction of over 30 low-income homes. Peter is also a former board member of Goodwill Industries of the Keystone Area, and he currently volunteers his services at Reading Public Museum, the Children’s Home of Reading, and Boy Scouts of America.

Peter Bubel is a proud supporter of the military. His father was in the United States Army, and to this day Peter is inspired by his father’s service and by the service of current troops.

Peter Bubel outside of work

Health and fitness play a major part in Peter’s life and he stays active by playing a number of sports, especially golf and his weekly tennis games. Peter’s family is passionate about fitness as well, particularly his younger daughter, who is an avid swimmer and water polo player at her high school.

Peter Bubel also loves to travel when he can. He enjoys visiting local places throughout Pennsylvania, especially his parents’ hometown in Schuylkill County; he also loves to explore other parts of the country and see all of the unique and beautiful scenery and picturesque landscapes that our nation has to offer. Peter Bubel hopes to someday settle in a warmer climate.